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In this section you will find the history of this radio, from its very beginnings to the present day, told by those who lived everything in their day, we hope you enjoy it pleasantly.

It all starts in 2002, when four furries friends of Shiron recorded a video pretending to be in a radio booth wearing all of their fursuits. That made Shiron think about creating a furry radio, at that time Shiron himself was volunteering on a local radio giving his voice, so between 2003 and 2005 he was using the listen2myradio.com service which allows him to create a radio at no cost in a basic way, to test and experiment using his own radio booth and a control console he previously owned, both of which were gifts from Fultor, who was his mentor both in the furry and in the world of radio, because for many years Fultor worked on it.

Finally in 2006 the radio started in a stable way under the name “Radio Furry” having already the necessary knowledge and several speakers who managed to recruit for his project during that time that was testing and improving, curiously for the same time in the same service company was created another radio under the same name, which caused some conflicts and a month later the Shiron left. By the middle of the same year the radio returned to the air under the name “IDM” (in Spanish means, Ilusión, Diversión y Música), the radio continued although it was having several names that did not finish convincing for different reasons, but its followers were still there all the time, then for health reasons the radio had to be turned off for a while.

When Shiron improved, he was determined to improve the radio starting by looking for the appropriate name, so on January 10, 2008 he locked himself for 3 hours in a booth created especially for his radio, where he would think of a definitive name, playing with the normal and exclusive words of our fandom. When he had it, he called his friends who were with him at the time and told them that the name would be “Anthro Furry Radio” the reason for the name was due to:

  • Antro without “h” in Spanish, was used years ago to make popular mention to locals to have fun and enjoy music, which would also be abbreviation in Spanish of “Anthropomorphic”, and Anthro with “h” would be the same abbreviation in English of “Anthropomorphic” in both Spanish and English refer to the physicist of the furry.
  • Furry, obviously for being the name of the fandom.
  • Radio, clearly because it is a radio.

With the perfect name, a new server was also searched for both the radio and a future website, finding enterprisehost.com, where on Wednesday March 12, 2008, the radio service was contracted and the name registered under the .com domain. , although the original idea was .net but it changed its mind at the last moment, staying as it is known today, later in that same year the slogans “Your World Your Music” and “Touching your Senses” were created, to then combine it everything and be like: “Your World Your Music, Anthro Furry Radio, Touching your Senses”.