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Asy Graze | Anthro Furry Radio Asy Graze | Anthro Furry Radio

Asy Graze (Axel Enrique)



I am a two-colored fox with many special tastes, I dedicate my life to watching movies, listening to music and playing sports that without it would not be someone defined in tastes and vocations. I love the music of the 70s, 80s, 90s as many songs of that time show the commitment, love and sweat that someone could dedicate to his symphony.

My favorite genre in particular would be rock although not definitely, the movies are a part of my hobby and above all inspiration. I am eager to achieve things about this medium and above all not stop watching movies still worthwhile, my favorite movie would not have defined of several that there are, but my favorite genres are drama, science fiction, thriller, action and suspense.

Program: In this program you will have fun, entertain and spend a good time of the things that you may like in “The Random Zone”, a program where we will talk about all kinds of topics that you like. You will spend great moments listening to music or talking about a day or week event, they can vary from themes or specify us from time to time to the “Random”.

Facebook: HereTwitter: HereTelegram: HereDiscord: Axelote#5965