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Bravertiger (Luis Daniel Vivas)

Graphic Designer


Well I introduce myself, my name is BraverTiger, from Argentina. Furry for more than 10 years. My fursona is a flare tiger, weighs 90kg and is a former Rugby player.

A little bit of me to be known: I’ve been a cartoonist since I was a child, I’ve always liked animals and mythological creatures, I drew in pencil from the 1st grade of primary school until I was 17 years old, then I dedicated myself to digital drawings, and I went on to 3D years later…

Currently I don’t draw in pencil anymore, I think the last one was more than a year and a half ago. I usually make improvements to drawings that ask me, if they are in pencil I digitize them or if they have not very good strokes, they were improved and I paint with good colors, shadows or whatever they ask me, I am simple but perfectionist, when I start drawing I usually press myself a lot, I make designs for Anthro Furry Radio.

I studied singing and pastry, things I like very much, I also study Mandarin Chinese.

I have a puppy of medium height, his name is Chuno is my son jeje xP. I love animals in general, even insects that whenever I see them I try not to step on them, I feel sorry for those things.

I’m a graphic designer, I like sports, TV series and superhero movies, I like music with electronic effects or modulated or distorted voices, European style, electronic, sometimes new metal, also styles like R&B, House, and melodic or pop opera, according to my mood.

The video games I like are: now Minecraft, before I played Warcraft, WoW, Shayya. Of anime I like: Digimon, Pokémon, Avatar the legend of Aang and Korra, and Dragon Ball.

I’m homemade, I like to be at home, working and resting, I don’t go out much but if they invite me, I go out. Now I don’t have any friends around, but if I love spending time with people, I actually have many friends.

Well that’s me… in part… that’s how they know me a little…

Facebook: HereTwitter: HereFurAffinity: HereDeviantart: HereTelegram: HereDiscord: Bravertiger#6729