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On this page you will find groups, organizations or furries that in one way or another are related to the whole fandom furry or the animal kingdom so necessary.


Red Noticiero Animal is an International Relief, Animal Search and Rescue NGO during emergencies and natural disasters. It currently covers 32 countries with a focus in Chile where emergencies are monitored.

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Furry Latinoamerica, FurLatam abbreviated, is a furry community with the objective of bringing together all the Spanish-speaking furries, and of providing spaces for the suitable coexistence of them. With this, we plan to strengthen the presence of the furry fandom in the 22 countries whose main language is Spanish.

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Yiff por la Eternidad

It’s a group for any Furry where it doesn’t matter their sexual orientation or sex, males, females, futas, herm, etc., all tastes are allowed, where the security of the users is first, they can upload their images, request commissions or ask for a role, they only have to read and respect the rules, just look for active people who contribute to the group, there is an official group of Facebook, Telegram and Discord, just enter and enjoy.

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Furry Music Network!

Youtube channel that seeks to show the world the art that every member of the “Furry” community can do, accompanied by eye-catching and interesting visual effects!

We look for the visual or musical art of each member of the “Furry”community, demonstrating to the world the capacity of each one!

YouTube: Here

United Furrys

We invite you to join the group that will allow you to socialize and get to know more about the community. This is “United Furrys”, a group where you can talk about what you like most about the Furry Fandom, there’s Rol if you want to have fun, do you like yiff? in this group you are allowed and will love to watch and share the same content with other people, you will be able to chat, meet people who may be close to you, upload memes or some multimedia content, but above all, have a great time!!!

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Paws N’ Stuff

Group made by furries, for furries with tastes in paws, you can talk about anything, as long as they follow the rules. It’s a SFW group.

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Paco Panda

Mexican furry illustrator, pet and fursuit actor, author of the comic Art & Biro, announcer of Friday Furry and panda as a profession. Sharing positive messages to the world.

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Hazbin Hotel SP

Role-play server based on the world of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. In this server members can choose to play with their own OC’s or with a canon character from both series, in a totally friendly and fun environment. The server has channels specially created to achieve a harmonious and entertaining RP. It is entirely Spanish speaking and we do not tolerate toxic members.

Discord: Here