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Dark Draki


Before: Director, DJ


Hello my name is Dark Draki, I am a very funny little dragon that likes to dance and listen to music, I must remember from a long time ago “Mañanas con Dark”, I like a lot of variety of music but I do not tolerate the rancheras or reggaeton. I’m waiting to get back on the air as a broadcaster and get them to move those little tails.

I am tolerant but when I see that something is not right I don’t hesitate to say that what this rage does is wrong, I don’t like it when they ignore the rules of radio on Facebook and when the broadcasters misuse their position.

Program: Beginning a morning of music in a variety of styles, the “Dark Draki al mando” program will fill you with energy and brighten your morning with its occasional jokes and theme days in musical style.

Previous program: My program was called “Mañanas con Dark”, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. I played lively music to start the mornings, sometimes it was a day dedicated to vocaloid, sometimes to childhood cartoons. When it was special day like Children’s Day, Tatiana music and stuff like that.

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