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Daxx Timberfluff | Anthro Furry Radio Daxx Timberfluff | Anthro Furry Radio

Daxx Timberfluff (Daniel Alvarez)



Hey! I am Daxx and I’m currently studying gastronomy, it’s something I’m passionate about, I love cooking, food but above all, I like to be creative with dishes. I’m a person who may be a little shy or quiet at first, but once I get confident, they tell me that I’m becoming very nice.

My musical tastes are very broad, from electronic to electronic music, including some genres such as reggaeton, among others. I can say that I like a little bit of everything, but of course, there are some things I don’t like.

Recently I have realized that it is true when they say that it is not too late to try new things, because, despite my age, I begin to study what moves me the most. So it’s important not to give up.

In my immediate future I plan to get a job in kitchens to get as much experience as I can, hence, if not sooner, move to another country to continue my career and excel.

Program: “Fluffing time with Daxx” was a program in which he talked about anything related to furry fandom, news of it and comments about things that happened from a personal point of view. I would usually play songs that people would ask for and occasionally I would play songs that I liked. The program spoke mostly Spanish, but sometimes it was spoken in English because there were people listening from the United States.

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