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Diego de la Vega (Jose Luis Coll Guillen)

Assistant Director, Web developer


Hello everyone, I’m Diego, the web designer you are visiting and owner of the group Yiff por la Eternidad, from which it follows my taste for the yiff, I’m a fox of pure strain, I’m very perfectionist what sometimes gives me headache, I’m not very social, but I like to take care of those who really matter to me.

I like computer science and I’m a bit of a gamer, I like music less regulated and the noisy one that doesn’t hear the voice I like everything, even songs from the 1920s and 40s, also opera, although my favorites are those that bring back memories to me when I hear them, be it anime, series or movies where a melody attracted me, as love at first sight.

Facebook: HereTwitter: HereVK: HereTelegram: HereDiscord: DiegodelaVega#0752