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Dragon Shiron | Anthro Furry Radio Dragon Shiron | Anthro Furry Radio

Dragon Shiron

Founder, Director, Broadcaster of Anthro Furry Radio

10/03/1987 – 02/15/2017 (29 years)

Hello, I’m Shiron Dragon, a happy furrito, friendly, full of love, I love to make new friends, listen to medieval music, dance and electronics, play Xbox games, especially Halo and what I like most is to spend a very good life with the people around me. Awwrr ^.=.^

I like to relax sometimes playing Scrabble, I love paranormal themes, also having fun in the furmeets, helping the furros that need it, I even like cooking.

Program: On “Shiron on your radio” you’ll have eight hours of pure entertainment, we’ll play your favorite songs, we’ll also cover topics for reflection. During the “triple F fights” I will present three songs myself and my partner Genesis another three, then by Skype you will be able to tell us which one you like more and give a winner, I will bring the last news of furmeets and we will be able to discuss different topics.

During the “Did you know that?” section, I’ll bring you great curiosities that for sure you don’t know, if you have had some strange dream, tell me and I’ll tell you its meaning, I’ll also tell you about what’s waiting for you in the future according to your horoscope and finally, I don’t forget the ones that start with art, so if you want to promote your drawings or songs, you can send it to me and I’ll promote it during 15 days together with your social networks and email.

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