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Dragon Sumerio | Anthro Furry Radio Dragon Sumerio | Anthro Furry Radio

Dragon Sumerio (Christopher Llano Peñafiel)



Faithful Lovecraftian, Demonologist and student of necromancy, I have been writing horror novels for 15 years and I have performed in musical theatres for at least 10 years, sadistic, indolent and sarcastic, my mission in life is to remind the world that they are not safe from horror or within their own minds.

I like Metal, Grunge, Opera and Trova music.

Program: Welcome to the darkest corner of the radio, “El nido de Tiamat”, where the most ominous horrors of the imagination are born, accompany me in this odyssey of terrifying creatures, seas of blood and creepy cries, turn off the light, put on your headphones and cling to the seat, because from now on, nothing will be the same.

Facebook: AquíTelegram: AquíDiscord: @SumerianDragon#2998