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Dragoncita Han (Angelica Franco Bravo)



Hello I am a little Dragon girl named Han, at the age of 12 I lost my dear parents, at that time I was getting to know the Furry Fandom, where I met my tutor who raised me and finished educating Fultor. My first love was my late Dragon Shiron where I felt very loved and loved and I know that he takes care of me from wherever I am with God.

I currently own and direct Anthro Furry Radio and my vision in it is to keep what was once a dream alive. I love being a dragon, since I was a little girl I always dreamed about them, that one day I would meet them and fly with them wherever they took me.

I am a Furry Gamer girl at heart, I own an Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, a lonely gamer dragon unless I find a partner on the battlefield. My most outstanding qualities are: affectionate, kind, humble, smiling… charlatan, polite, discreet, very helpful, I like to help people and be active.