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These are the great furries that were in this radio, that helped in everything possible contributing their talents to add and to give him the quality that this project deserves, without the help of those that were, there would be no place for those that came later.

Board of Directors

Kusanagi Rave Wolf (Leonardo Diaz)

Ex-Assistant Director, Ex-Announcer

Hi, I’m Kunasagi, a black wolf, I’m someone very simple, I try to be as nice as my humor allows me, I’m Nintendo gamer and PC, in my spare time I dedicate it to music and some software research. See more

Announcers and DJ

Wolfy Redscarf (Gonzalo Núñez)


Hello I’m Wolfy, I’m from Chile and I was part of the radio station thanks to Bro Charlie who insisted on joining me and supported me during my stay as a radio announcer, in which I learned what it feels like to share your tastes with others and that they like the same as you. See more

Tony Greny Xilion (Juan Antonio Herrejon Cervantes)


Hi I’m Tony, Thanks to the people around me I was given the opportunity to belong to this project. I’m a gray wolf with blue, electronic engineering student. I’m a gamer, I like RPG games and my favorite game is Pokémon. I put a lot of effort into what I do but I never forget what matters, which is to give me my time to get to know myself. See more

Daxx Timberfluff (Daniel Alvarez)


Hey! I am Daxx and I’m currently studying gastronomy, it’s something I’m passionate about, I love cooking, food but above all, I like to be creative with dishes. I’m a person who may be a little shy or quiet at first, but once I get confident, they tell me that I’m becoming very nice. See more

Garry McLain (Juan Basabe)


Hello to all the hairy ones! I’m Garry, the one-eyed cat from Colombia. I join the growing community of voice talents and dubbing actors in Colombia, as well as the rages here that are also evolving. I appreciate participating in the cause and showing all I have! I consider myself a fan of both Furry and Fandom, so I love to know about meetings and conventions with cute fursuits hanging around. See more

Brandel Alhelí (Manuel Alejandro Gómez De Luna)


I’m a very cheerful friendly donkey, I have the habit of making many friends and people like me too much. I’m too patient and very tidy, but I’m bothered by a chingo the people who aren’t, the messy and silly people.

Music I like Classic Rock, Pop and some Soundtracks from videogames. See more

John Wolf Shepard (Hector Contreras)


Hello, I’m John Wolf, Anthro Furry Radio DJ, I always liked the music, all the time has been present in my family, I also like to present music and to hear good songs.

I’m a fan of electronic music and retro music, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I like the Select music, always looking for the best of the best. See more

Dragon Sumerio (Christopher Llano Peñafiel)


Faithful Lovecraftian, Demonologist and student of necromancy, I have been writing horror novels for 15 years and I have performed in musical theatres for at least 10 years, sadistic, indolent and sarcastic, my mission in life is to remind the world that they are not safe from horror or within their own minds. See more

Spike {LCAT} (Carlos Eduardo Sánchez Pedroza)


Hi! I’m Charlie, I was fortunate to see the birth of the project of Anthro Furry Radio and share with the founders and directors, I am a young wolf, dedicated to health and education but with musical soul, I enjoy original productions and support artists in ascent, for me the most important thing is to strive for what you want and stay authentic. Passion, intelligence and determination will take you anywhere. See more

Asy Graze (Axel Enrique)


I am a two-colored fox with many special tastes, I dedicate my life to watching movies, listening to music and playing sports that without it would not be someone defined in tastes and vocations. I love the music of the 70s, 80s, 90s as many songs of that time show the commitment, love and sweat that someone could dedicate to his symphony. See more

Wlitch Switch (Jorge Alberto)


My name is Wlitch Switch and I’m an xD cat wolf, I’m currently uploading videos to YouTube, helping others get their work done further ;), something I love to do is plant trees and take care of them, I care about the environment and everything that’s happening now about global warming or ecosystem deterioration..:c, I like electronic music or “House” very much, I am about to start working as a DJ in restaurants, bars or gastronomic parks. See more

Gale DeSaint (Ángel David Jaramillo Rodríguez)


I am an 18 year old gray wolf, proudly Mexican, I have a variety of tastes, my life is practically music, I love singing and playing guitar. I also like Olympic sports, such as swimming or figure skating. I like to live with people in spite of the fact that I am something quiet and serious, I don’t like people who are bad with others. See more