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Gale DeSaint | Anthro Furry Radio Gale DeSaint | Anthro Furry Radio

Gale DeSaint (Ángel Jaramillo)



I am an 18 year old gray wolf, proudly Mexican, I have a variety of tastes, my life is practically music, I love singing and playing guitar. I also like Olympic sports, such as swimming or figure skating. I like to live with people in spite of the fact that I am something quiet and serious, I don’t like people who are bad with others.

I love rock in its various genres, my favorite is alternative and hard. My favorite band is Muse. I don’t consider myself a bad person, I know how to give advice and listen to others when they need help.

Program: “Rock ‘n’ fluff” has a somewhat ambitious goal to develop, among these goals I have to listen to people and have fun listening to the program, talking about various topics related to the universe of music.

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