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Garry McLain | Anthro Furry Radio Garry McLain | Anthro Furry Radio

Garry McLain (Juan Basabe)



Hello to all the hairy ones! I’m Garry, the one-eyed cat from Colombia. I join the growing community of voice talents and dubbing actors in Colombia, as well as the rages here that are also evolving. I appreciate participating in the cause and showing all I have! I consider myself a fan of both Furry and Fandom, so I love to know about meetings and conventions with cute fursuits hanging around. I love music, and I would like to meet them to sing together as if it were the opening of Dragon Ball Z on the subway. Who wants to join us, huh?

I consider myself a person who likes all musical genres as long as it’s not too heavy or strident. I can’t deny it; I like to feel the tenderness of classical music and the great salsa orchestras. But other times I listen to Rock and other moving genres that make me want to shake my heaaaad! On the other hand, I am exploring other rare musical genres that have a composition system unknown to my ears. That helps me to encourage myself to share more new music, so every now and then I’ll play a few strange songs for you! I hope you like it.

Program: At Anthro Furry Radio, we give music to your senses. Come enjoy with me a trip through the American continent of rock in Spanish and English! Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm and melody, whether you know the lyrics or not. You’re free to play the air guitar! In this program there is only one rule: SING WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTHS! It does your body and mind good. There will also be a short informative section on what Furry or related content has been released so far, such as books, visual novels, films and so on. Don’t get lost, I want my tuna, with Garry McLain, the one-eyed cat!

Twitter: HereTelegram: HereDiscord: J Basabe (Garry)#6727