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Hello, your radio Anthro Furry Radio writes to you. Friends who visit me all over the world… Thank you to everyone, for the moments we have shared moments full of feelings, thoughts, dreams, longings, secrets, laughter, tears, and above all, friendship. Every precious second will be treasured eternally in my heart. Thank you for taking the time, time to show me your concern for me, time to smile and show me your affection. Thank you for being what they are, wonderful furros… I am Anthro Furry Radio your radio listening and consenting.


We look for furries with good musical tastes, because the music you listen to says a lot about you.

What do you need to be an Anthro Furry Radio announcer?

It’s easy and simple, an Internet connection, a microphone to make your ideas sound, one or two hours a week that you dedicate to your program to your space and the desire to continue growing with this project.

So… You up for it? Contact Us

Cutting doesn’t take away the brave, eye for an eye and the world will go blind…

Anthro Furry Radio… we’re making the Difference.