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John Wolf Shepard | Anthro Furry Radio John Wolf Shepard | Anthro Furry Radio

John Wolf Shepard (Hector Contreras)



Hello, I’m John Wolf, Anthro Furry Radio DJ, I always liked the music, all the time has been present in my family, I also like to present music and to hear good songs.

I’m a fan of electronic music and retro music, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I like the Select music, always looking for the best of the best.

I hate lies and double faced, ah and reggaeton, if you want to know me more do not hesitate to write me, I will try to respond to all the messages while I can, I am sure that my music will love you. Atte John

Program: In this program you’ll find a selection of the best electronic music, I’m sure the Beats I’ll put up will cheer you up, from EDM to Hardstyle, you’ll find various styles of songs, and from the most classic electronic songs to the latest releases. All that and more in “The Best Electronic Music”.

Facebook: HereTwitter: HereTelegram: HereYouTube: HereDiscord: Tito10star#4249