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Signoredrago (Roberto Guzmán Castillo)

Administrator in Discord


Hello I’m Signoredrago better known as Drago a Mexican dragon furro where the weather is nice and delicious food is friendly, sincere, fun, adaptable and dreamy, I have a great taste for the locution to be able to transmit my ideas and share my experiences with all of you and listen to you in the same way I have participated in several local radio stations and by Internet you will always see me with a microphone at my side.

I love electronic music, dance and music that relaxes you, I’m a dragon gamer in free time I usually play video games or read a comic book or something that catches my attention, I’m very upset about ignorance and hypocritical people, my zodiacal sign is Libra I have a sexual heterosexual orientation I’m certainly always willing to meet you and help you in everything I can invite you to ask me what I want.

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