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These are the great furries that make this radio possible and every day is better, each of them performs a task, which may be simpler or more complex, is equally necessary to use in combination with the rest of the team and give life to this great project.



Dragoncita Han (Angelica Franco Bravo)


Hello I am a little Dragon girl named Han, at the age of 12 I lost my dear parents, at that time I was getting to know the Furry Fandom, where I met my tutor who raised me and finished educating Fultor. My first love was my late Dragon Shiron where I felt very loved and loved and I know that he takes care of me from wherever I am with God. See more

Board of Directors


Diego de la Vega (Jose Luis Coll Guillen)

Assistant Director, Web developer

Hello everyone, I’m Diego, the web designer you are visiting and owner of the Yiff group for Eternity, from which it follows my taste for the yiff, I’m a fox of pure strain, I’m very perfectionist what sometimes gives me headache, I’m not very social, but I like to take care of those who really matter to me. See more

Announcers and DJ


Leonardo la Rata (Edgar Cabrera)

Announcer, Management Facebook page

I’m persevering, curiosity gives me other cultures, I speak much on occasions where I am on radio, it gives me joy to criticize what I see and what I hear so far against the principles.

I’m more the retro-loving and somewhat lazy, but I work on what I can and what I like. See more


Spike {LCAT} (Carlos Eduardo Sánchez Pedroza)


Hi! I’m Charlie, I was fortunate to see the birth of the project of Anthro Furry Radio and share with the founders and directors, I am a young wolf, dedicated to health and education but with musical soul, I enjoy original productions and support artists in ascent, for me the most important thing is to strive for what you want and stay authentic. Passion, intelligence and determination will take you anywhere. See more


Dragon Sumerio (Christopher Llano Peñafiel)


Faithful Lovecraftian, Demonologist and student of necromancy, I have been writing horror novels for 15 years and I have performed in musical theatres for at least 10 years, sadistic, indolent and sarcastic, my mission in life is to remind the world that they are not safe from horror or within their own minds. See more


Asy Graze (Axel Enrique)


I am a two-colored fox with many special tastes, I dedicate my life to watching movies, listening to music and playing sports that without it would not be someone defined in tastes and vocations. I love the music of the 70s, 80s, 90s as many songs of that time show the commitment, love and sweat that someone could dedicate to his symphony. See more


Gale DeSaint (Ángel David Jaramillo Rodríguez)


I am an 18 year old gray wolf, proudly Mexican, I have a variety of tastes, my life is practically music, I love singing and playing guitar. I also like Olympic sports, such as swimming or figure skating. I like to live with people in spite of the fact that I am something quiet and serious, I don’t like people who are bad with others. See more


Dark Draki

Administrator in facebook group, DJ

Hello my name is Dark Draki, I am a very funny little dragon that likes to dance and listen to music, I must remember from a long time ago “Mañanas con Dark”, I like a lot of variety of music but I do not tolerate the rancheras or reggaeton. I’m waiting to get back on the air as a broadcaster and get them to move those little tails. See more


Wlitch Switch (Jorge Alberto)


My name is Wlitch Switch and I’m an xD cat wolf, I’m currently uploading videos to YouTube, helping others get their work done further ;), something I love to do is plant trees and take care of them, I care about the environment and everything that’s happening now about global warming or ecosystem deterioration..:c, I like electronic music or “House” very much, I am about to start working as a DJ in restaurants, bars or gastronomic parks. See more


Shaurin Fox (Axel Lopez Obeide)


Hi! I’m Shaurin, I like music, pc and ps4 games, I study dj basic level, I’ve never been an announcer (but in a way it starts), I’m funny, I love jokes although then I forget them I’m also very friendly, I like foxes (my favorite animal), my favorite series is Rick and Morty, I like music: electro, house and rock (but my favorite songs are electro), my favorite food is sushi. See more


Inuki Inukai


Hi, I’m Inuki Inukai, a black and white Husky with very bad memory, spatial location problems and facial recognition. I like rock and metal, although I’ve also listened to greats like Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Alci Acosta. See more

Social Network Managers


Signoredrago (Roberto Guzmán Castillo)

Administrator in Discord

Hello I’m Signoredrago better known as Drago a Mexican dragon furro where the weather is nice and delicious food is friendly, sincere, fun, adaptable and dreamy, I have a great taste for the locution to be able to transmit my ideas and share my experiences with all of you and listen to you in the same way I have participated in several local radio stations and by Internet you will always see me with a microphone at my side. See more



Administrator in facebook group

Hi, I’m Latin-Fox, I’d just like to say that I’m someone mysterious, who thinks it’s more fun for a person to know a few people and not to read a biography. See more



Gazimon (Jose Jesus Forteza Castañer)


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I embrace everyone, I am Gazimon even though everyone knows me as Gazi, I love to draw and together with my cousin Jose Miguel Forteza we form a team in Gazimondefense creating digital drawings. See more


Bravertiger (Luis Daniel Vivas)

Graphic Designer

Well I introduce myself, my name is BraverTiger, from Argentina. Furry for more than 10 years. My fursona is a flare tiger, weighs 90kg and is a former Rugby player. See more