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Wlitch Switch | Anthro Furry Radio Wlitch Switch | Anthro Furry Radio

Wlitch Switch (Jorge Alberto)


Before: DJ


My name is Wlitch Switch and I’m an xD cat wolf, I’m currently uploading videos to YouTube, helping others get their work done further ;), something I love to do is plant trees and take care of them, I care about the environment and everything that’s happening now about global warming or ecosystem deterioration..:c, I like electronic music or “House” very much, I am about to start working as a DJ in restaurants, bars or gastronomic parks.

I was an announcer and great friend of “Shiron” we have a very cool and nice friendship, I was also for a while his support on facebook and even develop a radio application for the phones, I retired from the radio because of time complications, I transmitted music of many genres, I retired in 2016 or so and currently 2018 I am returning, I do not remember my previous program or his name.

Programa: En esta programación escucharás música del canal “Furry Music Network!” y música reciente a promocionar, o incluso fuera de relación del canal, tal como: “Electrónica, Future House, Dubstep, Bounce, Bootleg, Electro, Melodic, Future Sumer House”.

Facebook: AquíFurAffinity: AquíAmino: AquíTelegram: AquíDiscord: Furry Music Network!#2354