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Wolfy Redscarf | Anthro Furry Radio Wolfy Redscarf | Anthro Furry Radio

Wolfy Redscarf (Gonzalo Núñez)



Hello I’m Wolfy, I’m from Chile and I was part of the radio station thanks to bro Charlie who insisted on joining me and supported me during my stay as a radio announcer, in which I learned what it feels like to share your tastes with others and that they like the same as you.

Now I’m studying Computer Science Engineering and I’m Gamer and I like Anime since I was a kid, I’ve always liked electronic music which I always played on the radio so that others could listen.

Program: The original “Aullido Nocturno” was a program that combined rhythms of yesterday and today, in the first hour my bro (Charles Balto Barkins Wolff) put on a segment of the great hits of the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s and in the second hour I was in charge of putting on electronic and modern music, we talked about topics of interest in the Latin Furry Fandom like cons, furmeets, news, entertainment with public intervention.

Facebook: HereTwitter: HereFurAffinity: HereTelegram: HereDiscord: Gonzalo Wolfy#5532